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Campaigns which rocked by smart use of technology

Ok so this is a little out of format for my usual posting, instead I share some videos and materials which I am thinking about for a project I am working on…

Facebook RFID testing on our youth at Coca-Cola Village

Renault connects Facebook to the AutoRAI with RFID

Diesel Cam Case Study Retails booth

Diesel’s Facebook-Enabled – I LIKE DIESEL (QR Codes

Macy’s Backstage Pass: Backstage with the Stars

NFC Campaigns
First Ever NFC Enabled StoreFront in the U.S.

Tapit NFC

Jiepang (Real Love Checkin)

Jiepang (Real Love ● Check-In) from Jiepang on Vimeo.

Misc URLs

5 Creative Facebook Places Marketing Campaigns

3 Facebook Mobile Trends to Watch This Year

Phones & Tablets with NFC

Online Payment Systems in China

China’s Leading Location-based Social App Jiepang Partners with Nokia to Promote NFC Check-ins


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Accessing Google Speech API / Chrome 11 « don’t_panic

Accessing Google Speech API / Chrome 11 « don’t_panic.
//Need I say more

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Google Text-To-Speech (TTS) | Weston Ruter

Google Text-To-Speech (TTS) | Weston Ruter.
//Hacking TTS

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GSoC 2011 – Accepted Projects

GSoC 2011 – Accepted Projects.
//If you curious of accepted Google Summer of Code accepted projects, you can take a look through here

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Interesting Google Street View Finds | Barnorama

Interesting Google Street View Finds | Barnorama.
//Debatable book mark – Google street views with one or two surprises.

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Social business – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Social business – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
//a noteworthy page, well worthy of the bookmark.

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Kindersay – Kids Flash Card learning Tool
nice customization of content feature for flash cards by parents for childrens (ESL) learning tool.

, ,

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