Hello me

Despite the urge for several years (And never finding/settling on/or creating the time) to make a useful book mark resource for sharing with myself and others, I created another rather pointless thing to again search for my stuff of interest, bookmarks (in this place) to cut down on shared emails, skype (check this) type IM messages to as of today will say to this wordpressblog where is that Darn URL when you need it.

This is a blog I am creating at 4:54am after jet lag, and frustration of keeping track of my daily learning journeys around the internet. Its not meant to be informative, just really a collection of items I can post for future reference in an unstructured ‘laborious’ manner (for now)

If you stumble over something on this blog and find something useful then fantastic! otherwise, guess there’s no much to see here!

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