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Campaigns, brands, games and TV rolled into one

Yesterdays internet travels. Simply recording some ‘note worthy’ projects (new and old) in one place which are relevant/have similarities/mechanics to a project we are working on. Hats off to all… Enjoy…

Heineken (video)
//A very noteworthy project, which nails the ethos behind connecting secondary screen experiences with live TV… Very nice indeed…

Play Supreme/SuperMes
//An online game which uses media content and games, to solve lifes challenges in different ways. Whats more interesting is a direction they appear to be starting by making the web a TV show and the TV extend able via the web. Couldn’t agree more, good stuff guys and garls. Will follow this one, fingers crossed it gets the merits it could achieve.

Puma Campaign
//Sorry guys not the most inspiring project to engage, socialise fan activity from your loyal consumers, for various reasons good and bad this is included here.

Other noteworthy (for ‘some’ aspects within)
Lego game (youtube video)
Asylum 626 (not checked out yet, other than…) youtube video here

How could I leave out, an all timer (still live) which says it all…


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