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Redmine – OS – PM tool

Redmine – Overview – Redmine.

//On first glance, seems a pretty comprehensive open source project management web application, with custom fields for issues/ticktes and SCM interaction (SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, Bazaar and Darcs)


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Lighthouse/Beanstalk Trails

//test account for trails between beanstalk (GIT) and Lighthouse (ticketing/bug tracking), conclusion nice stuff and although Litehouse is nicely simplified, on a couple of Agile features – sadly too simplified (certainly one to follow)

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Codesion: Professional Subversion (SVN) Hosting and CVS Hosting

Codesion: Professional Subversion (SVN) Hosting and CVS Hosting.
//linked via Odesk (allows SVN/GIT) 1 year free trail

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ecTalk: Activity — Beanstalk

ecTalk: Activity — Beanstalk
//Via GIT ua details K

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