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Google I/O 2010 – REST client applications

Google I/O 201o session – by the creator of Twitter Android (official app)
“This session will present architectural considerations for developing RESTful applications on the Android platform. It focuses on design patterns, platform integration and performance issues specific to the Android platform.”
//Very handy if you are considering options for optimizing your web service calls and understanding the inner workings of the Android platform.. See also Googles I/O session on C2DM and Mike Willbanks explorations on using C2dm with the Zend framework


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Ticket REST API | Assembla Documentation and Support Space | Assembla

Ticket REST API | Assembla Documentation and Support Space

//For integration of ticketing system for user support in application/management systems

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Agile User Stories

Introduction to User Stories.
//Great guide to Agile user stories, if you stumble over this post and use variations of such approach… would love to hear from you….

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Lighthouse/Beanstalk Trails

//test account for trails between beanstalk (GIT) and Lighthouse (ticketing/bug tracking), conclusion nice stuff and although Litehouse is nicely simplified, on a couple of Agile features – sadly too simplified (certainly one to follow)

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How Chrome Team Manage Their Release Cycle

//Useful insights into how the Chrome team managed their release cycles for ‘on time’ features, increase updates for users, and how they improved cycles to reducing scope within the development team process (original article)

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Aral Balkan · UX Video

Aral Balkan · UX Video.
//beautiful presentation, you will either love it or say hmm whatever…. for your apps sake I hope its the first! 😛

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Using the Front-Facing Camera with Android Gingerbread

Using the Front-Facing Camera with Android Gingerbread.
// Using Android API for Gingerbread (2.3) with front facing camera, useful walkthrough for backwards compatibility with Froyo (2.2)

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