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moodle.git – Blob – ViewGit

moodle.git – Blob – ViewGit. (Peter)
//Reference of webservice.php used in Moodle 2.0



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Mobile Splash Screen – Flex SDK – Adobe Open Source

Mobile Splash Screen – Flex SDK – Adobe Open Source.
//Cheat needed for design pattern loading screen on AIR android projects

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AddThis :: Add-ons for Firefox

AddThis :: Add-ons for Firefox.
Current right click trail to send stuff I like to site

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30:12:2010 | Learning Journey Archive

Today’s Internet travels
Thanks to all the authors for sharing their ideas, insights

Designer Android
//A useful reference for the curious designer on Android platforms – Must have a play with Android app inventor at some stage.

Pattern Tap (UI references)
// A collection of UI investigations mostly from web, although will inspect in more detail at a later date

Playbook Class files for native menus
// Adobe evangelists blog Paul ‘designer trani’ (playbook class files caught my attention this time around) – there must be similar one hopes for Android too (just not stumbled across it yet)

Galaxy Tab developer editions
//tips and guidelines below your applications will run and scale correctly on the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s 7” screen

Supporting Multiple Screens (android SDK)
//Useful for getting your head around dpi/ppi graphics for deployment on Android platform perceptive

Providing resources (Android SDK)
//Different types of resources belong in different subdirectories of res/ - must reference with automated batch process from photoshop save the donkey work

Screen Sizes and Densities (Android SDK)
//Data collected from sample users to determine common trends for users device capabilities

Round Trip editing (Design to deployment Adobe AIR)
//A forum post on Adobe, whilst one searches for the ideal workflow around Adobe toolsets (At time of investigating flash Builder shared projects

Hacking Native Android with Adobe AIR
// A useful guide to extending your AIR for android applications with the missing APIs in current build of AIR Mobile (android edition) – must have a play with this after thinking over similar ideas

Christian Cantrell’s sharing of i-reversi work flows for multi screens (AS/Flex IDE)
//A subject matter one can painfully relate to in pursuant of creating deep RIA applications across many screens and platforms

Flex 4.5 for use with iPhone (tour de flex)

//Most of tour de flex for AIR android running on iphone bar Camera/stageView

Building a “native” menu in Flex Mobile
//Native ‘looking’ menu key popup in flex Mobile edition for Android emulation

Flash Mobile optimization part I
//Another nice article on considerations for flash optimization on mobile platforms – one for read back and relink this to parts 2 (below) & 3

Part #2 – Flash Mobile InsideRIA.
//another very useful read for consideration/continued thinking on use of micro architectures, memory leaks and my dreaded thoughts on I/O continued optimization AMF/loadtimes in our application API (amongst other things)

AIR For Android On Tablets

// Article which is a useful read as I continue my travels with Galaxy Tab and battles with mixture of Native/AIR/Hybrid apps for such device.

SQL lazy-loaded/paginated List component

//Very handy, As stated on the tin! (with source code for PagedArrayList class for use with Flex)

Flash stagevideo API performance overview (video)
//Flash 10.2 goodness update for video rendering via stage view for forthcoming experiments

Open Source
NativeApplicationUpdater (AIR)
//Creating custom UI for updater screen for native AIR applications (from blogpost)

Ant Pile script
//AS 3 project template complete with ANT build script and unit testing scaffolding

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Hello me

Despite the urge for several years (And never finding/settling on/or creating the time) to make a useful book mark resource for sharing with myself and others, I created another rather pointless thing to again search for my stuff of interest, bookmarks (in this place) to cut down on shared emails, skype (check this) type IM messages to as of today will say to this wordpressblog where is that Darn URL when you need it.

This is a blog I am creating at 4:54am after jet lag, and frustration of keeping track of my daily learning journeys around the internet. Its not meant to be informative, just really a collection of items I can post for future reference in an unstructured ‘laborious’ manner (for now)

If you stumble over something on this blog and find something useful then fantastic! otherwise, guess there’s no much to see here!

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