Not allot to say here, other than I lazily created this at wordpress blog at 04:54am to catalog my travels around the net for future reading. I used Add this firefox plugin- so I can right click and post a link – with summary comments/reminder notes to a wordpress site. To avoid wasting time creating our own solution, once set up I guess our team members can post to this also, make comments on shared posts and no doubt we could create a little AIR application to take the feeds into a desktop or mobile app, so I can customize a nice effective UX for use on the go without distracting/searching in IM messages or PM system which is an annoying five step process. Hence this will be forked somewhere else once I set up its intended purpose in a more intelligent manner.

If you have oddly found yourself reading this, bare with my rambling dyslexia… do get in touch though, as no doubt we must share some interests somewhere down the line. //best place to catch me is on twitter or linked in (which I am slowly giving into to peer pressure from)

Otherwise ‘About me’
I started playing with my dads zx81 sometime ago, didn’t follow his path for math or programing, preferred designing to reading his books on Cobol, early OOP theories, Fortran or doing anything more than listening to his stories on punch card systems or stare with shear confusion as the endless dot matrix printouts or basic powered train sets which seemed to be around the house.. A few years on, I find myself on a daily basis reading code hacks/tech/ui/ux blogs, books and anything I can plug my brain into or play with to give me the daily fixes I require to feed my desires and hopefully/possibly talk ‘some’ sense with the mixed bagged team I manage or tech partners, OEMs, and interesting folks I have the pleasure to work or natter with.

Put simply I enjoy meeting like minded people to chat about and share ‘stuff’ we each ‘quite frankly’ enjoy doing (most of the time!) before launching the ‘good stuff’ for people to eventually use and play with.

As copy and pasted from my twitter account
“<very>Passionate about creating learning experiences across mobile, desktop, online, Tablet, TV and the million other devices becoming available!” <obsessive over creating UI’s/UX that scale ‘intelligently’ on ALL forms factors, love/hate battle in creating rich custom experiences to plugin into Moodle VLE API we created for use with AMF. Other than that I guess I enjoy playing with nice related stuff for the hell of it (which I am lucky to be able to call ‘work’)

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