30:12:2010 | Learning Journey Archive

Today’s Internet travels
Thanks to all the authors for sharing their ideas, insights

Designer Android
//A useful reference for the curious designer on Android platforms – Must have a play with Android app inventor at some stage.

Pattern Tap (UI references)
// A collection of UI investigations mostly from web, although will inspect in more detail at a later date

Playbook Class files for native menus
// Adobe evangelists blog Paul ‘designer trani’ (playbook class files caught my attention this time around) – there must be similar one hopes for Android too (just not stumbled across it yet)

Galaxy Tab developer editions
//tips and guidelines below your applications will run and scale correctly on the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s 7” screen

Supporting Multiple Screens (android SDK)
//Useful for getting your head around dpi/ppi graphics for deployment on Android platform perceptive

Providing resources (Android SDK)
//Different types of resources belong in different subdirectories of res/ - must reference with automated batch process from photoshop save the donkey work

Screen Sizes and Densities (Android SDK)
//Data collected from sample users to determine common trends for users device capabilities

Round Trip editing (Design to deployment Adobe AIR)
//A forum post on Adobe, whilst one searches for the ideal workflow around Adobe toolsets (At time of investigating flash Builder shared projects

Hacking Native Android with Adobe AIR
// A useful guide to extending your AIR for android applications with the missing APIs in current build of AIR Mobile (android edition) – must have a play with this after thinking over similar ideas

Christian Cantrell’s sharing of i-reversi work flows for multi screens (AS/Flex IDE)
//A subject matter one can painfully relate to in pursuant of creating deep RIA applications across many screens and platforms

Flex 4.5 for use with iPhone (tour de flex)

//Most of tour de flex for AIR android running on iphone bar Camera/stageView

Building a “native” menu in Flex Mobile
//Native ‘looking’ menu key popup in flex Mobile edition for Android emulation

Flash Mobile optimization part I
//Another nice article on considerations for flash optimization on mobile platforms – one for read back and relink this to parts 2 (below) & 3

Part #2 – Flash Mobile InsideRIA.
//another very useful read for consideration/continued thinking on use of micro architectures, memory leaks and my dreaded thoughts on I/O continued optimization AMF/loadtimes in our application API (amongst other things)

AIR For Android On Tablets

// Article which is a useful read as I continue my travels with Galaxy Tab and battles with mixture of Native/AIR/Hybrid apps for such device.

SQL lazy-loaded/paginated List component

//Very handy, As stated on the tin! (with source code for PagedArrayList class for use with Flex)

Flash stagevideo API performance overview (video)
//Flash 10.2 goodness update for video rendering via stage view for forthcoming experiments

Open Source
NativeApplicationUpdater (AIR)
//Creating custom UI for updater screen for native AIR applications (from blogpost)

Ant Pile script
//AS 3 project template complete with ANT build script and unit testing scaffolding


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